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Brett Favre has me hostage and I don’t like it! Not one bit. I originally stated when I started 6Magazine that I didn’t want to be an up to the minute football news source. I can’t compete with ESPN, SI, Pro Football Weekly, Pro Football Talk, etc. So I said I was going to talk about the game from an African-American perspective and be very hip-hop culture and feature heavy when it comes to football.


If you want Favre coverage up the minute, I suggest you hit up those afore mentioned news outlets. I really don’t want to talk about him, but I have too. Now, I love Brett Favre, he’s easily my favorite NFL QB right now. If Michael Vick ever totally “got it” he’d be more like Brett Favre and a lot less like Steve Young to whom most people compare him too. I’m convinced the F in Farve stands for Fun, because he’s extremely fun to watch. No one has every played with more childhood joy mixed with a cocktail of desire to win and obsession to play no matter what like Favre has.

For the past two years, I’ve been on board with the NFL Favre season. It occurs every offseason around late July right before training camp starts. Will he or won’t he play? ESPN, SI, their mamas and grandmama’s all debate the topic. They take time out of their busy schedules to check Favre season on ESPN and see what’s happened next. Whether he’s driving his truck, throwing passes to little kids, or doing nothing at all it’s all televised by ESPN.

Like I said, for the pst two years it hasn’t bothered me, because there was extreme doubt over whether he was going to play or not. Two years ago, Green Bay was trying to force him into retirement, but he wasn’t ready to go. Last year, he was worried if he was going to be healthy enough to play, he made his decision not too and Vikings coach Brad Childress lured Favre back into playing football. But this year is different. We all know he is going to play. We know he doesn’t want to go to training camp and is going to come in during the third preseason game. We all know this, but at the very hint of him maybe retiring because of his ankle has ESPN going wild, more like ape shit.

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