The Daily Grind Video

So, interesting show yesterday Global Grinders. I decided that since I will be updating my blog regularly now, I start it off with a “bang” (pun intended).So first, if this is your first click into my world, welcome, I am an asshole. Now that we got that out of the way:

On my morning show yesterday, I was scheduled to interview Karinne “Superhead” Steffans. Let’s just say our meeting was brief, lol. Here’s the rundown. The call starts with a greeting. “Superhead,Good Morning.” Superhead responds, “That’s not my name.” I inform that her full name Karinne “Superhead” Steffans is on my call sheet, to which Superhead responds, “That’s not my name, I don’t go by that anymore” and hangs up obviously “offended.” Best interview ever. Wait! Was it something I said SUPERHEAD?

Here’s where we go from here. Chick is on a media blitz promoting a book called “The Vixen Manuals,” some prop-hoe-ganda she has convinced herself is some sort of self-help, uplifting garbage aimed at catching up athletes and entertainers. At least that’s the way I see it. But here’s my question? How is it possible for this chick to be offended that I call her a name she was so proud of not very long ago, because she has written a few lousy books? I heard her say once some shit like she was writing the books to inform young ladies on how and what to do and not do when dealing with the entertainment industry. To that I say BS!! How in the hell are you “uplifiting” anybody while still trying to put dudes on blast via your website by showing their anal beads and whatnots?! That is definitely “Superhead” like behavior.

You, Superhead Steffans are a contradiction within yourself. You were never a vixen, but indeed a, well you know. Do you really think that because you were on Oprah and dated Bill Maher that the Hip-Hop industry has forgotten who you are. You are Superhead, Super Braniac to the Stars. An over paid “JUMPOFF (shameless promotion Chicago), and an over acknowledged bust down.” A woman who became “D-List” by servicing in small corners, vehicles and hotels, for perks and/or sub-par video roles. To put out a book that perpetuates such a thing under the guise of “self help” is in the words of Katt Williams “ricocculous.” The only person you are helping is yourself look like a fool in these streets. I do thank you for giving me the motivation to get my blog in order due in part to your ricocculousness, but hey like they say, “Your mama calls you Superhead, I’m gonna call you Superhead.” That’s my piece.

Keep Grinding!