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Sia.  We Are Born.  Clap Your Hands.  These are names you are going to hear all summer long, cause this is one of the best albums of the year. 

When I first heard Sia’s voice five or six years ago, I fell in love.  I was driving in a car with a good friend of mine in LA, who happens to also be a very accomplished singer (13 grammys) and she said to me, do you know this girl name Sia?  I wasn’t hip yet to this Australian beauty, and when my friend pressed play on her car’s CD player, I was taken to a completely place.  Her music transforms the way you feel, the way you think, even down to the way you breathe.  Ever since then, I have been a fan and I was fortunate to catch up with Sia a few weeks ago, as she took a break from promoting her new album, WE ARE BORN, which drops today.


I hope after reading this interview and hearing some of the cute from Sia’s new album, you will go to itunes and cop this album.  It has been playing on my computer all morning!

Me:  In the new album what inspired you to go back in the studio to record a now?

Sia: Well, I mean, I’m kind of an irreverent person and, um, I think that the truth is is that it is my job. And, it’s the only thing I really know how to do, it’s the only thing that, you know, I’m uh… I mean, my friends they wouldn’t let me not keep making music, I think – even if I wanted to become a dog masseuse, which I didn’t, and  um I think that the inspiration comes from wanting to be able to, you know, pay my rent and pay the mortgage and have children and be able to send them to a school where they won’t get punched for being weird or, um… you know, be able to afford to have my dogs walked if I have to work. And.. Have  an nice life really.

It’s um… I don’t know if it’s that something I need as part of like… I don’t really believe in that whole concept of it’s necessarily my soul’s work or that my childhood issues are what drives me to keep doing this… I don’t really subscribe to the idea of inspiration I guess.

Me: How do you write a song? Do you have a process?

Sia: What happens is that my management will schedule a time, um.. because I’ll absolutely turn up – if I have a job I’ll absolutely be on time and I’ll never call in sick. I’m responsible and I have a strong work ethic but I’m undisciplined unless someone is structuring it for me.

And so my management will structure like a period of time and they put in days from midday to 6 with different writers and I go in a room with them, and usually they’ll start on the guitar or the piano or the bass, and they’ll start  sort of going around different things, and then we work intuitively, you know,  and when they see that I’