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Sorry all…been on the move, literally. I can’t believe that we are loosing so many musicians this year. The KING OF POP was devastating, now Baatin from Slum Village (anyone who knows backpack rap is familiar with S.V).

Never mind how we lost them. Currently their deaths are being speculated but I’m sure you can’t possibly think someone woke up in the morning and said, I want to kill Michael Jackson. That’s far from a conspiracy!
That’s propaganda!!! Yet another sad attempt by a host of opportunist to show their true colors. Not only the media is playing their part but also family members and so called friends of those who passed on.

Capitalizing off someone’s death isn’t brand new. This is another dumb human flaw that’s been around since inception. It just goes to show you that compassion has definitely ‘Gone Green’. Once again we’ve learned to recycle the bullshit components of sincerity and put it back in the air.

At what point does Rest In Peace really mean Rest In Peace?? I mean really, posthumous albums, tracks, videos, books…the list is endless. Everyone is getting paid!! And 2 minutes ago nobody gave a flying fuck about MJ. Now all of a sudden the cash register rings. Anyone taking advantage of someone’s passing is a fucking hypocrite!!

Musicians love to heal the world. I think if they knew they were going to die, they’d give their gift to the world for free!! We say “They are gone and we can only continue their legacy through their music.”. So, how much does their legacy’s cost??

We can only hope for change. Just opinion, not law.

Rasheed Young

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