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I still believe we should be afraid of April 19th because after watching “The McVeigh Tapes” covered on MSNBC there is reason to believe that another Tim McVeigh is out there. It’s scary to believe that 15 years after the Oklahoma City bombings the same rhetoric and the same ideology is still preached and practiced. The thing is, Timothy McVeigh and many like him have always linked patriotism as being something that has to be carried out with violence on Americans, which to me contradicts itself.

It was frightening watching this documentary because in recent months we are hearing the same rhetoric McVeigh was spitting 15 years ago. This second amendment, pro gun, Obama is going to take our guns away, anti government speech that reached its climax when Tea Party protesters started bring their guns to rally’s, as a result merged into anti-government gun rallies which I don’t understand. How did they go from protesting about taxes to guns? Simple, once the Health Care Bill was passed an outburst of violence was targeted at our nation’s lawmakers. From bricks thrown through windows, threatening phone calls and numerous attempts on lives, how these people can call themselves patriots and at the same time are willing to kill and hurt their fellow Americans is beyond me.


They are what I call offspring’s of McVeigh; people who live by Thomas Jefferson’s quote “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants” which was written on the back of McVeigh’s shirt on the day of the attack. Quoting Jefferson is just an excuse to do crazy things in the name of patriotism and completely misses the point of the quote. These people that are strong supporters of the second amendment and their worst fear is, the government is going to come into their homes and take away their guns. This is the fear that started McVeigh on his journey to do what he did on April 19th. I think Oscar Wilde said it best “Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious”.

Watching this documentary I was convinced that Timothy

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