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17, 18, 19 $20. Here you go Shawty Low And Ron Browz. Split that! I met my wife October 14, 2002 in club. The club was called Sweet 16 in NYC. I had an idea that somehow, someway this woman and I were meant to be. A year and 10 days later I married her on a white sandy beach in Ochos Rios, Jamaica. Close to 6 years now, we have 2 handsome boys, live in the Heights and we’re very happy.
I’m 100% sure that was luck, a gift from God to me.

For everyone else who doesn’t feel so lucky, where do you go to find a wife/husband? Are they in the church, library, gym, office, class, a friend of a friend or just someone in passing?? I’m sure I know a lot of people who’d pay $20 to find their soul mate. You probably already pay more if your using the internet. I’m no Cupid but here’s a couple of things you should look out for if you’re searching in those places:

Church- now if you’re looking in church you have to realize one key thing, Everybody is looking for something in church! Whether its forgiveness, wisdom, miracles, serenity, understanding or whatever, you’re more likely to meet someone searching for something. But here’s where people go wrong. Nobody said the person you may meet is seeking the same thing you are. Matter of fact, whose to say that all attendees are saints?? Its such an assuming thing for people to believe the church goer is any more perfect than the one that doesn’t attend.

Library- I gotta keep it 100%. If I’m walking in a library either I’d have serious research to do or the local DVD store must be closed. I’m not saying the significant others aren’t in there, I’m saying you best believe whoever you’re meeting is dressed down all the way.
And maybe that’s a GREAT thing. Intellectual beauty cool. Just don’t expect to see anyone gussied up wearing their evenings best.

Gym- nothing wrong with going to the gym. But if you’re looking for love in here in you’re either lacking self esteem or you have too much of it. The gym is to get in, get right and get out. Who has time to converse? If you’re talking, you’re not working out. And to the trainers, we know the game you’re running but hey, maybe some people like that.

Office- can you spell lawsuit? Every relationship has its good and bad moments. But when its bad some people get vindictive. I’d say just stay away but if you really seem interested, one of you should get another job!

Class- just another way of getting a sure ‘F’. Its a distraction.

Friend Of A Friend- Now you all know the saying “Don’t get mad at me if something goes wrong.” Something always goes wrong! We are not perfect. To err is human. Just remember you took the risk of dating a friends friend. Don’t be mad at anyone but yourself.

Someone In Passing- I think this is the only true way of meeting someone. Problem is some gentlemen forgot how to court (approach) a lady and some ladies forgot how to be ladies. Its a double edge sword but I’m sure if you say the right thing to the right person at the right time the right result will be achieved.

Again, I’m not Cupid but the above may prevent a couple of land mines from exploding. Love is a privilege. If you get it, you should cherish it.

Rasheed Young

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