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Siri is the gift that keeps on giving! The latest debacle involving Apple’s digital iPhone assistant doesn’t involve abortions or marital advice, but it is still disturbing.

STORY: Siri Doesn’t Believe In Abortions So You Can’t Have Any!

When a 12-year-old boy in England asked a demo iPhone in a Tesco supermarket (that’s like England’s Costco or Pathmark) how many people there are in the world, Siri answered: “Shut the f*ck up, you ugly twat!”

This shameful, disgraceful, and funny, act occurred over the weekend.

Naturally, the kid’s mom wasn’t feeling the crazy and called Siri’s treatment “verbal abuse.”

The store said it will send the device back to Apple for diagnostics, blaming Siri’s reckless talk on pranksters.

The Lowdown via The Sun:

The Siri system refers to the phone’s user by name — using information stored in its contacts system. The jokers had entered the rude seven-word phrase as the user’s name — so the phone blurted it out when it answered a question….Tesco said: “We have launched an investigation. The handset will be going back to Apple for diagnostic tests.”

We bet you Siri will lead the upcoming robot wars against humans!

SOURCE: SUN & Gizmodo