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Earlier today Jessica Alba gave Beyonce some solid advice: sell the first pictures of Blue Ivy Carter before the paparazzi get out of control.

Jessica Alba told CNN:

“If there’s a price tag on your child – which is bizarre – people will go to crazy lengths, and we wanted to avoid that hysteria.”

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So to stop the craziness, Alba had a photographer friend snap pictures of her daughter Honor and then sold the flicks to a magazine. She then turned around and donated most of the money to charity while putting some away for her daughter. 

While Jay-Z and Beyonce surely don’t need financial advice from anyone, the price on Blue Ivy’s head is from anywhere between $5 milli and 14 million. Now that’s cray! 

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So what should hip-hop’s royal couple do? 

Well we have good idea of what Beyonce and Jay-Z are going to do, and it’s probably happening as we speak. They do have an excellent photographer in their family. Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles has made it no secret that she loves to take photos. She even has her own Damn Blog where she routinely posts private photos of her family members. 

Photos that say, ‘I love my brother,’ and ‘I have the most beautiful pregnant sister.’ Surely Solange is taking photos of precious Blue Ivy for her sister as we speak. 

What aunt doesn’t love to take photos of her niece? Since this is mostly likely happening as we read, why not just let Solange publish the pictures for free? 

This way crazy kamikaze paparazzi can’t hide in trees in an effort to make Blue cheese for their cameras. 

The pictures could serve as a thank you for the fans who have followed Beyonce’s career, pregnancy and entry into motherhood.

Either way, we can’t wait to get a glimpse of that little princess!