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Betsey Johnson is known for her funky style and eccentric personality and now her design aesthetic will be translated in to … you guessed it, a nail polish line.

A-listers like Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, The Kardashians, heck, even Justin Bieber have all released their own lines of nail lacquers, but this is the first time a heavy hitter like Betsey has taken a step into the nail art arena.

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The artfully over-the-top designer is teaming up with OPI to create a limited edition nail polish collection that will include seven bottles of lacquer chock-fulla-Betsey.

As expected, the colors will range in hues from the designer’s signature pinks, turquoises and of course, an array of glitters will be featured.

The shades will retail at $9.50 per bottle but if you want to get your fingers on three exclusive colors, then you’ll have to shell out $24.50 for a set that includes six shades, three of which are exclusive.

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It just wouldn’t be Betsey without a little nail art funk. The collection also features a $12 design kit that can outfit your tips in BJ signature skulls and lips. And get this, there is even a hot pink polish that is scented! We die.

Raise your well-manicured hands in celebration, this collection is sure to be a fun one.