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If Jay-Z’s father were alive today, he would be proud of his baby boy. 

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Jay-Z tweeted a picture of his desk with a Brooklyn Nets hat and a beautiful wedding photo of his parents Gloria Carter and Adnis Reeves. 

LifeAndTimes tweeted the picture with a caption that reads, “papa would be proud.” 

Gloria Carter and Adnis Reeves made love under the sycamore tree, which made Jay a sick emcee and an even sicker businessman. 

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With the birth of his adorable daughter Blue Ivy Carter, his picture perfect marriage with King Bey, and the new transition of his NBA team Brooklyn Nets, Jay took a moment to reflect on his accomplishments. 

It’s safe to say Jay-Z is having the best year ever! And if you can’t respect that, your whole perspective is wack, maybe you’ll love Jay when he fades to Brooklyn Nets black.