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As the news of Adam Yauch‘s death spreads, the condolences and support keep pouring in. 

EXCLUSIVE: Adam Yauch Dies At The Age Of 47

GlobalGrind talked to hip-hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy about his first interview with Adam and how the Beastie Boys really captured the mood of the movement.

EXCLUSIVE: Kid Capri Remembers Adam Yauch

Fab also shared a funny story about how Adam tried to hook him up with A-List actress Drew Barrymore. 

Freddy said: 

“It’s a sad day for hip-hop. I remember when I interviewed them down in Chinatown for MTV it really captured the vibe of what we were back then. He used to come down to my art shows and just kick it. He was just a funny guy and I think that’s why they were so successful.”

“I remember when I was at this restaurant and it was a bunch of us hanging out. Then I got a drink from this young lady. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was Drew Barrymore. So I’m sitting there trying to see this lady who sent me the drink, so when I went over there to see what’s up. I was like, ‘Thanks for the drink’ and she said, ‘I didn’t send you a drink, you sent me a drink,’ and I look over and see this guy laughing hysterically and it’s Adam. It’s moments like that that I will miss most.”

“He was really a good guy and hip-hop lost a legend.”

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