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by Brooke Hogan

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter holiday!

I know this is a very simple topic, but I wanted to remind everyone how special the little things in life are. I started thinking about this because I have a friend who just got engaged. She had to kiss a few frogs to find her prince, but now she is so blissfully happy and I’m so proud of her for finding true love….

Anyway, we were so wrapped up in the engagement that we forgot we had to get the ball rolling on the actual wedding. We met for lunch and decided we were going to find her dress that minute. So we hopped in the car and headed to a dress shop.

The first one she put on was THEE dress. We were running around the dressing room so excited, and were so quick to ring up the dress and put it in the car, that we completely forgot that THAT moment was going to be the only moment in her whole life that she would be finding her first (and hopefully only) wedding dress. No matter what, it’s one of the few HUGE moments in your life you should savor, document and cherish.  Thank God the thought struck me to haul out my camera phone. She thought I was silly, but I said ‘Girl, you can’t press rewind and see this over again, like Tivo or something. This is it. Its now and you will never have this moment again. Wouldn’t you love to remember your smile from ear to ear, what you were wearing and who you were with when you found Thee Dress???’ Just then it hit us like a ton of bricks…TAKE AS MANY PICTURES AS YOU CAN!!! We started snapping away… First at the dress, then her in the dress, then me holding the dress, then us together with the dress, then we pulled the sales clerk out and did a photoshoot with him, and then the other customers in the store…. We went crazy with our camera phones.

But now, she will never be able to forget that moment. She can show her kids, her mother, father, friends, EVERYONE the moment she found the dress. When that dress gets passed down to her kids and theirs, those pictures will go with it. Life only happens once here on Earth, so document it because it is beautiful, and its history I’m sure you don’t want forgotten.
I have friends that document every sunrise or sunset they see, I know women who document every month of their pregnancy, friends who take pictures at their silliest moments. I save diaries, all the way back from when I was 12 years old. I love looking back and seeing how I’ve evolved. It makes me proud of myself, when I’m feeling down. I saved my homecoming corsage, the first rose a man ever gave me, birthday cards and yes, PICTURES. Its nice to go back and look through what you’ve lived.

Not only should you document these beautiful moments God gives you, but cherish them in real time too. We forget these things, don’t last forever. My puppy does this thing where she spins around two times when she’s excited, she prances like a pony, and actually smiles when she’s happy. I would know her bark anywhere, and I know every spot on her. We get so caught up in the moment sometimes, we forget to see things as they’re happening, and then its over before we know it.  You have to stop, take a moment, and just watch the world move for a minute or two. Notice what makes someone smile, and how their eyes glisten when they do. I could pick my mothers laugh out of 100 million laughs or break down her crazy dance moves in a second if

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