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I truly love to look back on a year and see how Fashion has helped shape and mold the industry effortlessly. In a recent conversation with my girlfriend we argued about the undenable influence fashion has on the world! I argues the fashion makes the world go round, she felt like it was a self absorbed meaningless industry. My response to her was a simple and polite ‘Yo Mama’ we both laughed and went on to talk about boys, but later on my way home I thought more about the topic. Is Fashion a joke? Is it meant for those that lack substance? Well dont worry thats another blog that we will tackle come the New Year, But to hold you over look at mu favorite Fashionable Movies of 2009, let me know what you think, did any of these inspire you?

Movie Number 1- Confessions Of A Shopaholic

In Febuary of 2009 this movie debuted with all the sytling being done by Patricia Fields. Aside from it being such a cute chick flick to watch with friends on a Saturday night, I found it to be so relatable! She was broke, I am broke, addicted to shopping im addicted to shopping, Rebecca loves Henri Bendel, Piper loves Henri Bendel, the movie was the story of my life minus falling in love with my boss/ co-worker (Ewwww!! No offense guys)

Movie Number 2- The Twighlight Saga: New Moon

Some might credit Jay-z for bringing back the ‘ALL BLACK EVERYTHING ‘ look but I got a secret for you, After seeing this scary, weird movie I was convenced that all black would keep vampires from jumping out on me in Harlem. Call it crazy but I know all ya’ll werent wearing all black just cause Jigga Man said so. No sir, you beleived to that dark colors would keep creppy crawlers from nipping at your neck.

Movie Number 3 -Where The Wild Things Are

Well this was hands down one of my personal favorite movies but for reasons that might be shocking. As I sat in a packed movie theatre with my two year old son,praying that he would be well behaved, all I could think about was how cool and chic I would look in all these animal prints. Clearly I am unable to discuss what this movie was about but I do know that my appetite for FAUX (PETA Friendly over here) fur and animal prints went through the roof!

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