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The female body can do many things. It can shapeshift to create life, gestate that life for 9 months, snap back and provide food for that human being to thrive off of, yet all we can concentrate on is its commercial value.

All we can concentrate on is just how many papers the word “topless” will sell. All we can concentrate on is just how shocking Kate Middleton’s nipple is.  

Maybe if Eve never ate the proverbial apple from the biblical tree, we wouldn’t be so concerned about the latest “scandalous” photos to hit the web of the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing topless. But I guess we’re just all a little immature.

PHOTOS: Kate Middleton Topless Pictures: Italian Edition

The French publication Closer went out of their way to obtain photos of the Prince and his wife on a very private vacation doing normal people things that should be of no concern to the masses.

Kate was laid up enjoying some time out of the corseted dresses and poised poses, letting her lady bits hang loose and getting some well deserved sun, when unbeknownst to her, invasive photogs with an impressive zoom lens snapped photos of her breasts.

Sure, there is a level of excitement that comes when a well-known celebrity’s provocative cell phone photos leak, or when there is an accidental vag slip or up-short moment from someone whose name is always illuminated, but the fun doesn’t come from privacy invasiveness by the hand of a photographer. The scandal lies in just how the photos got released, or just how embarrassed the celeb is when their barely there gown shows a little more than they anticipated. 

PHOTOS: Royal Scandal! Topless Pics Of Princess Kate Leak!

But no matter the instance, the question remains the same: when did we become so desensitized over images of war, gore and horror, but absolutely shocked and appalled by the image of a woman’s nipple? 

Essentially, Kate and her Prince are showing the same amount of skin, as William was also topless, but Kate just happens to have a little tissue backing her beams. 

Kate Upton has nip-slips in bikinis, Kate Middleton has nipples, Prince Harry dances around while swinging his family’s royal jewels in Vegas. Oh, and Prince William has a bald spot. 

The world can continue turning now.

Let’s pay more attention to the topless women who are protesting against the International Olympic Committee in London, and the PussyRiot members that are serving time behind bars for exercising their freedom of speech, and the moms who are still fighting for their rights to breastfeed in public. 

Let’s all just grow up. It’s just a nipple after all; did we expect her to have a Barbie chest?

Rachel Hislop

Rachel is the Associate Editor and Senior Style Writer for GlobalGrind.com, proud graduate of a SUNY school, and as sarcastic as they come. Follow her on Twitter for random daily ramblings @MiissHislop

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