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In order to push for registered voters to cast early votes, President Obama became the first sitting President to vote early today!

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The POTUS traveled back to his hometown of Chicago to turn in his ballot near his South Side home, where he was surrounded by the press and camera crews. Obama talked about the national turnout of early voting and made a joke after he voted.

“All across the country we’re seeing a lot of early voting.” He says it was “really convenient” but joked, “I can’t tell you who I voted for.” 

When the President was IDed, he jokingly said, “Now ignore the fact that there’s no grey hair in that picture.”

During his brief stop in the Windy City, he also met up with his former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, who is currently the Chicago mayor. Emanuel stressed the significance of Obama voting early, stating:

“I think it’s important across the country, as I see the president vote early, that people who are making big decisions in this upcoming presidential election never forget their responsibility to vote,” he said.

Election Day is less than two weeks away. Either follow the President’s example and vote early, or hit the polls on Nov. 6th!

SOURCE: AP | CBS Chicago

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