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Did Justin BIeber make a career move to babysitting?!

The Biebs was spotted courtside looking after a little tot and that little tot was none other than Chris Paul Jr., you guessed it, the son of LA Clippers baller Chris Paul.

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As Chris Paul took on the Boston Celtics last night, his adorable little guy had some bonding time with one of the biggest pop stars in the world. 

The Biebs held Chris Paul Jr. on his lap and from the looks of things, he was giving him a little lesson in basketball 101. It appears the 18-year-old made little Chris’ day. Reportedly his dad said to JB:

“You have NO clue the smile that you put on lil Chris’ face 2nite… really appreciate you man!! He does not know what to do lol. The first thing he said to me after the game was not good game Daddy… it was “Daddy I saw Justin Bieber, he’s my friend!”

And with caption, “@justinbeiber @scooterbraun Made his day!!! Can’t tell him nothin lol” Paul reposted:

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In case this music thing doesn’t work out, this singing sensation definitely has a babysitting backup plan! Check out the two watching the game in the accompanying gallery.