While Beyonce started one of the biggest campaigns in recent memory to promote her upcoming album, Justin Timberlake announced his new LP somewhat quietly.


VIDEO: HE READY! Justin Timberlake Reveals He’s Finally Ready To Release New Music 

Earlier this morning, Justin Timberlake sent out this tweet:


From there, the Internet just assumed new music was coming in the form of a track featuring Queen Bey and Jay-Z. 

Nine o’clock came and we got no music.

Instead Justin tweeted out a link to a video where he basically hinted that he was getting ready to release new music. Around the time the video came out, Billboard published a story in which sources told the site that an all-Timbaland produced album is coming this year. 

DETAILS: SEXY BACK! Justin Timberlake To Drop New Single With Jay-Z Today 

After all of that, all we have to say is, finally!

If Justin were to drop an album this year, it would be the first LP from the singer in over seven years, since he dropped his 2006 masterpiece FutureSex/LoveSounds

So what’s he been up to for all those years? Scroll down to find out. 

He’s been getting his acting on:

But you know this already.

Since FutureSex/LoveSounds released, Timberlake has appeared in numerous films. Like any singer who turns to acting, critics mocked Justin at first. But honestly, Justin has turned out decent to great performances in most of his films. In fact, he was stellar in The Social Network, while Friends with Benefits was a smash hit. He took a big hit, however, when that turd sandwich In Time bricked. 

He’s been trying to get MySpace poppin’ again

If anyone could make MySpace cool again, it would be Justin Timberlake, and boy is he trying. In 2011, MySpace was sold to Specific Media for $35 million. Timberlake has a stake in Specific Media, which means Justin has a stake in MySpace.

Instead of trying to give MySpace’s old model a try, Justin is doing something different with the site. The new MySpace site is dedicated to the development of musicians, a place where various artists can post their music.

Here’s how Justin described it during a press conference last year:

“We never looked at this as some sort of rebranding or reinvention. This was for us a completely new platform. The name was acquired but I think that was a good thing for us. The important thing up until this point . . . was to really give it an identity.”

He fell in love — then outta love…then back in love again 

After releasing his sex-fueled album, what did Justin do? Did he enjoy his new sex symbol status? Nope. He settled down. He started dating Jessica Biel in early 2007.

Although Justin and Jessica had their bumpy spots (they broke up briefly in 2011) the two are now happily married.

He’s been making clothes 

In 2005, Justin Timberlake launched his denim line called William Rast. Twelve years later, the line has evolved: now they make everything from jackets, to tops for men and women. 

He’s been watching the Grizzlies play basketball 

What Jay-Z is to the Brooklyn Nets, Justin Timberlake is to the Memphis Grizzlies. The pop star bought a minority stake in the team last year. As you know, Memphis is close to his heart, considering that he was born in the city.

Justin has himself a winner: the Grizzlies are one of the best teams in the NBA. 

Opening up restaurants 

Speaking of Memphis, Justin has taken a liking to one of the city’s proudest traditions: barbeque. Justin has opened up his Southern Hospitality restaurant in various cities, including Denver and New York. 

He’s been working on his golf swing

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen so many pics of Justin Timberlake golfing that we assumed he had retired. Thankfully, we were wrong: he just loves the sport.

Justin opened the first eco-friendly golf course right in Memphis called Mirimichi.  


He’s been getting political 

Justin Timberlake has not hidden his support for President Barack Obama. In both of Obama’s presidential elections, Justin and Jessica spoke at rallies supporting Barack. Last May, when Obama came out in support of gay marriage, Justin sent out this tweet:



He’s been getting funnier  

On the low, Justin is a funny mofo.

During his ‘N Sync days, Justin’s funny side was something we never really saw. (In fact, the first time we really laughed at Justin came when Ashton Kutcher Punk’d him back in 2003.)

That’s not the case anymore: Justin is a full blown comedian. He’s been great in funny roles in Bad Teacher and Friends with Benefits. He was also super hilarious in that “D*ck in the Box” SNL skit. 


He’s still been doing music…every once in a while 

He hasn’t been releasing solo stuff, but he’s still making dope music. Justin has done some producing (He produced T.I.’s “Dead and Gone”) and recorded songs with everyone from Madonna (“4 Minutes”) to 50 Cent (“Ayo Technology”). The music hasn’t been in abundance, but it’s there.  

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