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It’s that time of year that men get real frisky. It’s the free zone, so to speak. Valentine’s has passed and Christmas is far away, so it seems. So now is the perfect time that a lot of single guys start looking for single gals. Fella’s are going to becoming on strong, real strong and a lot of females are going to be falling for it.

1. Ladies, don’t take a man serious as a candidate if on the first date he makes any references to getting with another girl, or calling other girls sexy in front of you or he opens up a sex conversation. That’s a clear sign that he really isn’t looking for anything serious but to be another guy on your list of “men I’ve slept with before marriage”.


2.If a guy doesn’t mention those things and seems to be serious don’t give into sex unless it’s something that you want to do and suffer the consequences for. Otherwise you’ll get used for sex and dumped before your birthday or Christmas.



3.Don’t sleep with a guy if he only calls you one or two days out of the week. That means he is extra “hot” this summer and balancing more ladies than one!


4.Fella’s don’t spend money on a female unless you invited her out on the date. A lot of women are looking for “sponsors” this time of year and you may end up being one of many.

5.Don’t lock in with someone who is having “relationship problems” or fresh out of a relationship, you’ll become the rebound and we all know what we do with rebounds, put it up or dish it out.


6. DO NOT have unprotected sex just because you get “hot and bothered”, it’s not worth the risk or the STD’s.

Be smart this summer, there are a lot of predators our looking for some weak and innocent prey. Make sure it’s not you who they pounce on. Guys are going to do and say some things in the summer that they wouldn’t normally say any other time. Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see, lol.

– Tony Gaskins, Jr. | Follow Me @TonyGaskins

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