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Last night the sun figuratively set on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, but it happened literally at the Marc Jacobs show. 

Obviously there wasn’t an actual sun in the Lexington Avenue Armory where the show took place, but the oversized yellow light that illuminated the room definitely set the mood.

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When it came down to the collection, it was by far one of the best this Fashion Week. Some might say that it was one of Marc’s best in recent seasons. There was nothing too over the top like oversized hats or pilgrim shoes that we saw last fall, but there were definitely some eye-catchers. The fully sequined dresses accompanied by fur shawls may have gotten your attention, but you had no choice but to remember the topless model who came down the runway with her arm strategically placed to cover her modesty. 

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The outerwear also made a big impression on us and if there’s one thing for sure, there was no lack of fur.  From the full coats to the shawls that had cartoon-like faces and even the dresses that were accentuated with fur on the shoulders – the fur was flying the entire time. Marc also included a lot of hot pants and pajama-like cut blouses and jackets. 

You can check out some of our favorite looks from last night’s Marc Jacobs show in the gallery above.

Trends spotted: Sequins, fur, oversized outerwear

Faces in the front row: Terry Richardson, Andre Leon Talley, Sofia Coppola & Debbie Harry

Our rating: Out of 10 we would give this a 12! The collection consisted of piece after piece of great clothing.  From the cuts to the materials used.

Our favorite look: The silver sequined dress with white fur shawl

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