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It looks like one host of the chatty show The View is getting the boot.

According to reports, the conservative Elisabeth Hasselback is getting fired.

Quoting anonymous sources, Us Weekly reported Friday that the co-host is following Joy Behar out the door after market researchers found that her political views were clashing with the audience.

The source tells the magazine:

“The viewers they polled all said she was too extreme and right wing. People did not watch the show because of Elisabeth. So they told her yesterday her contract would not be renewed.”


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Huffington Post reports:

That report followed a Deadline piece which said that her future on the ABC show was “unclear.”

Following Us Weekly’s report, TV Newser posted a similar story. The site’s Alex Weprin cited two sources who said Hasselbeck was leaving. A spokesman for the show told Weprin that Hasselbeck has a “long-term contract.”

But when reached for comment, a rep for the talk show told Us in a statement:

“Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a valued member of The View and has a long term contract.”

Earlier this week, Behar, 70, announced her own departure from the show after 16 1/2 years. She told Good Morning America:

“You can’t stay forever on a show. I am graciously exiting stage left. I’ve put in 16 1/2 years and felt the time was right. I want to explore other opportunities.”

If these reports are true The View will soon have two available chairs. Brainstorming potential new hosts may be premature but we just can’t help it! But either way, we wish Elisabeth the best with which ever route she chooses.

SOURCE: Huffington Post