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If you know your Hollywood history, you know that not all of today’s popular girls were always the celebrated, in charge, women that they are now. We have girls like Draya who, after a complete image makeover, were able to gain the public’s approval and take complete advantage of fame’s perks.

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Then there are the lovely ladies of the music industry who once had it all, experienced a lull in their career, and are now back with a vengeance. Cue, Ms. Brandy Norwood and finally, the new chicks on the block that we’re still getting to know but love to love in the meantime! Can anyone say Bria Murphy?!

Regardless of their category – New Chicks, Revamped & Revitalized, or Bigger & Badder R&B Divas – we all can agree that it takes hard work, dedication, and in some cases a small beef, to stir up and maintain some relevance in Hollywood this day and age.   

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This is a list of women who fought their hardest to get famous, revitalize their careers, and/or reinvent themselves completely, in an effort to become one of entertainment’s most beloved and favored It-Girls. 

Check out the list below:

1. R&B Pop Divas Who Got Bigger & Badder!

Brandy has never really gotten the recognition she deserves!

Over the years, the Have You Ever legend struggled with her image and a team who made poor choices on her behalf. Brandy damn near became a full on hip-hop rapper.

Today, in 2013, all is forgiven – she is once again Sittin’ On Top Of The World, mature and confident as ever.

Even she admits she didn’t think she’d ever get back to where she was… but somehow she’s here and we’re happy for her!!

Now you know they love to hate on poor Ciara!

Ciara came into the industry as the fitted cap wearing, bodacious body flaunting, ATL shorty who could dance just like Janet. With records like Goodies, 1,2 Step, and And I, she was an instant hit. Except for struggling a bit musically, honestly, we’re not sure why the public’s interest in Ci Ci dropped so rapidly. 

Currently, she’s as gorgeous as she’s ever been, beefing with one of the top singers in the game, and working on an album with her new boyfriend Future. & We can’t get enough of her!

She never wavered and throughout it all, she remained true to herself… maybe it just took a little while for us all to appreciate her sincerity!

Kelly Rowland was the ultimate underdog, and her amazing rise to undeniable fame, was breathtaking to watch!

She was always number two. She came in second to her Destiny’s Child sister Beyonce for so long. People always compared the two and although Kelly was doing her thing, she was kind of coasting. 

Now? She’s sitting on her throne at the top – holding her own, and then some, while performing with Bey and Michelle Williams at the 2012 Superbowl Halftime, getting hunks like Trey Songz to drool over her in interviews, hosting BET’s Rip The Runway, and becoming an artist that EVERY artist wants to do a song with. 

Not to mention, her style is impeccable.

Kelly girl, we’re proud of you!!

We’ve waited a long time for Cassie to come into her fame, and she’s been getting there step by step.

When she first came onto the scene she stole hearts with her hit song Me & U. She only came out with one album, which was self-titled, and though she released several singles from a second record that never hit shelves, those singles failed to chart in the United States.

She wasn’t dominating the music industry, but by shaving the side of her head, stealing Diddy’s heart, and remaining relevant through some DOPE photo shoots and appearances, she’s managed to make the world go wild for her once more. 

Her mixtape #RockAByeBaby is highly anticipated and Cassie’s star power is stronger than ever before!

2. Revamped & Revitalized

Unfortunately, we all know this story. Britney Spears was once, undoubtedly, the reigning pop star of the world. She was Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Katy Perry all packed into one. Somewhere along the lines, the fame got to her and Brit Brat completely lost it. 

She infamously shaved her head in 2007… and it’s been rumored that it was due to an alleged addiction to Meth.

Miraculously, she took the time necessary to work on herself and none of that matters today! Britney Spears landed an enviable gig on The X-Factor, she recorded a successful remix with Rihanna for RiRi’s hit single S&M, and she’s currently working on her 8th studio album. Britney Bitch!

Draya is definitely an It-Girl and hopefully, she ain’t going anywhere!

The young reality tv star first rose to fame on Chris Brown’s arm. As the two dated, the public’s interest in just who this pretty gal was, rose and rose. 

Unfortunately for Draya, she also became known for allegedly endangering her young son. She was accused of leaving him alone in a filthy house for days at a time, and putting him in situations such as having to stand outside in the street and wait for someone to open the door.

She got her chance to tell her side of the story on the reality tv show Basketball Wives: LA, and afterward, most of us have never looked back. She has a banging body, she’s obviously dedicated to her family, her new swimsuit line Mint Swim is a hit amongst Hollywood, and she is a hit on the show.

What’s not to love?

Ok, so we’ve always liked Miley Cyrus… but we’ve never LOVED her more than we have right now!

Do we really have to explain?

We once knew her as the cutie pie who played Hannah Montana on The Disney Channel. Her efforts to shed the good girl act, have brought Miley closer to her fans than ever before. Plus, she’s definitely gained a lot of new admirers!

Between twerking on camera in a unicorn onesie, hanging out with Wiz Khalifa, smoking weed, and her love for Hip Hop music… we’d say Miley is about that life.

That simple fact took everyone by surprise and for that reason, the world can’t get enough of bad ass Miley!!

3. The New Chicks On The Block

Bria Murphy deserves a round of applause for all the great work she’s been doing lately.

She killed in Wale’s Bad video, she killed at Rip The Runway, and she became the Dark & Lovely Brand Ambassador when she was barely legal. 

Yes, it’s true… she is Eddie Murphy’s daughter so, technically, she was always some sort of famous. Still, she’s working hard and she is creating her own claim to fame instead of riding her parents’. We honestly can’t wait to see what’s next!

Bad girls ain’t no good, but the good girls ain’t no fun!

Erica Mena was once just an extra on Keeping Up With The Kardashians!  Just two years ago, practically no one knew her name, but her nonstop sexy photo shoots and feisty appearances on Love & Hip Hop solidified her spot on top since then!

The truth is they either love her or hate her but either way, everyone is talking about her!

Though her ex-manager Rich Dollarz gave away and released a song originally intended for Erica, Erica bumb-rushed the whole project and released a video for her edition of Where Do I Go From Here anyway.

Watch out for her… she’s going to make it no matter who’s in her way!!

Photo Credit: Getty/Splash/Wenn

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