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Today we’re getting a better look at the tactics kidnapper Ariel Castro used to keep victims Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight hidden from the world.

New photos show the barbed wire fences, boarded windows, and even rusty toys that litter the backyard of the house he held the captives in for over a decade.

While the view through the basement windows of Castro’s house is obscured by an impenetrable triple-layer of razor wire, tinted perspex and chicken fencing, new images reveal the dungeon where he abused the woman…and where he fathered a child with one of them.

The entire backyard is surrounded by a high wall of tarpaulin sheeting to hide the women from the neighbors. Spools of barbed wire and the rusty chains were found in the yard – which were most likely used to keep the women chained up on the rare occasion Castro would let them out.

While the photographs are disturbing, they will no doubt provide authorities with the evidence they need figure out what exactly happened during those ten years…and how Castro should be dealt with.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail