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Debbie Rowe, Paris Jackson’s biological mother, isn’t letting her daughter go through this tough time alone.

According to Radar Online, the mother of Michael Jackson’s only daughter is prepared to move to Los Angeles to be close to Paris – a move brought on by Paris’ recent suicide attempt. She will even be attending family therapy with the 15-year-old, despite the disapproval from many Jackson siblings over the mother-daughter relationship.

[Paris] “is doing much, much better since arriving at UCLA. She has been cooperating and participating in her care and Paris’ doctors want Debbie to participate in family therapy,” a source exclusively told Radar.

“Debbie will do whatever is asked of her. She is also considering temporarily moving to Los Angeles to be closer to Paris. Debbie lives about 90 miles away from Paris in northern Los Angeles County on her ranch. She would spend part of the week in LA, and then go back to the ranch.”

Before Paris slit her wrists with a meat cleaver and took a handful of Motrin pills in an attempt to kill herself, she had planned on spending the summer at Rowe’s ranch. But now that she must be closely monitored by doctors, Debbie will have to come to her.

If you can imagine, the Jackson family isn’t thrilled. No word on how Prince Michael feels – he didn’t want anything to do with Rowe when she and Paris started to develop their relationship (even though she is also his biological mother).

Whatever it takes for Paris to get better! We’re wishing her the best of luck.

SOURCE: RadarOnline

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