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I think the dumbest mistake you can make, as a music artist, is to drop out of school in order to peruse your career full time. Granted, if your career is going well and you have to go on tour, it used to be next-to-impossible to continue your education…..but thanks to the lovely invention of the internet, online courses allow you to NEVER miss class! 

Most of Revolutionary Kids attend Farmingdale State on Long Island, NY. I remember, when we got our first big national tour. It started in September. So we had to make the decision- stay in school or tour the country and play in front of thousands of kids? I was stupid then to ditch school. I figured I wouldn’t have enough time or would neglect my studies while on the road. 

However, as we gained more tour experience, I found that there is SO MUCH down (free) time. You can either use this time to be counterproductive and drink or do drugs. Or you can put that time to use, like I eventually did. It became a challenge to finish writing my paper in the dressing room, 10 minutes before stage time! 

[pagebreak]Online courses kept my mind operating. When you’re out on the road, your mind can easily wander and lose touch with reality. Touring isn’t the most ‘sane’ lifestyle. However, I found that my education allowed my brain to escape my career for moments at the time…..which I found quite healthy.

-Raj (Revolutionary Kids)

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