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So I’ve expressed my love of a man in suit. I’ve expressed my extreme liking for the strong, quiet type with a prominent jawline. But a man with an accent? It’s a wrap. And Idris Elba 100% enforces this for the latest issue of Upscale. With the looming release of ‘Takers,’ Elba is on every red carpet, and the paparazzi just can’t get enough of him (and neither can I). 

Looking oh, so dapper and gentleman-like on the cover, this Brit is just…perfection. And he dishes out some witty answers for the magazine, too. Elba’s get an edge to him. MMM. 

DID YOU KNOW he raps? Okay King Driss, do your thing. I just can’t get enough.

On His music:
“When you listen to hip-hop right now, a lot of it is so aspirational: I wanna get this, I wanna be that. For me, it’s a matter of celebrating who we are and where we are. Being thankful and trying to be content with what you have, as opposed to what you can get. My music, especially the rap stuff, is a bit more observational.”


On being a sex symbol:

‘Black men have never been sexy. We’re ‘sportsmen.’ We’re ‘intimidating.’ We’re not ‘good fathers.’ So we need that. I think we should celebrate that. But am I a sex symbol? I don’t know. Not everybody likes one thing.”