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For those of you that have been living under a rock for the past year: Glee is one of TV’s hottest shows right now. Tonight, September 21, at 8 PM on Fox the second season of Glee starts and if you listen closely you can hear Gleeks all around the world crying tears of joy.

The first season of Glee was packed with excitement, drama, comedy, romance and music, what more could you as for in a TV show?

For those of you that didn’t get a chance to check out Glee last season, or maybe you forgot something that happened, we’re bringing to you a little refresher course on Glee season 1.

Since last season was jam packed with all the drama and fun High School has to offer, a regular recap of season 1 could get pretty long if we talked about every single thing in detail so that’s not what were going to do. We’re going to give you everything you need to know about the cast, the drama, the relationships and of course the music.

First class: A refresher on the cast of Glee! Meet Rachel, Mr. Schuester, Finn, Mercedes, Kurt, Artie, Coach Sue Sylvester and more!


The Cast

Rachel Berry: the odd girl who dreams of making it big one day. Star singer of the McKinley High School Glee Club New Directions.

Will Schuester: Spanish teacher at McKinley High School and Director of the Glee club, not to mention a former member of the Glee of Mckinley High.

Finn Hudson: quarterback of the McKinley High School football team and one of the leading vocals, along with awkward dance moves, for New Directions.

Quinn Fabray: member of the Cheerios, Glee club and Celibacy Club and to add to the list teen mom.

Kurt Hummel: openly gay student and member of the Glee club, Cheerios and former member of the football team.

Mercedes Jones: songstresses sassy, super talented and temperamental

Artie Abrams: an accident has left him in a wheelchair since age 8, but that hasn’t stopped him from singing and dancing around stage with the Glee club.

Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman: mohawk-sporting bad boy, singing, football player. 

Tina Cohen-Chang: shy, insecure teen who started faking a stutter and proud member of the Glee club.

Santana Lopez: a cherrio sent to spy on the glee club, but ends up liking the club.

Brittany: a cherrio and now proud member of Glee club, if she can remember she joined. True definition of dumb blonde.

Sue Sylvester: Coach of the Cheerios and will do anything in her power to bring down the Glee club.

Emma Pillsbury: high school guidance counselor, neat freak and germaphobe.


The Relationships

Finn and Rachel

Rachel falls in love with the stud the second he joins glee club. The two have an on and off relationship.

Quinn and Finn

The two start the season off dating when we find out Quinn is pregnant with Finn’s baby after a ‘night in the hot tub.’

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