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The 10 Commandments

Ok, so we all are under an agreement that Twitter is the new social media right? We are also under an understanding that MySpace is over, Tom went bankrupt, and Facebook will always be a powerhouse, correct? Well although they are social networks, which mean public domain, there are still ways that you should and shouldn’t behave on these sites. I’m going to break down a list of 10 commandments when using these sites:

1. Do NOT think because we are friends on Facebook/Twitter that we are friends in real life. If there is not a computer, cell phone, etc in between us, we do not need to be speaking to each other.

2. Do NOT create a fantasy personality or life and think that no one is going to find out. Because of social networks the world has shrunk. Someone is going to know you, or know someone that knows you. You’re setting yourself up for a huge embarrassment.

3. Do NOT “change” your last name to your favorite celebrity’s last name. For example, Clarissa Minaj, Devin Flocka Flames, or Doniqua Songz.


There are 3 things wrong with this:

a. You look dumb.

b. Those aren’t the celebrity’s real last names.

c. You will not be attending any of their family reunions because you aren’t a part of their family.

4. Do NOT give a description of yourself in your bio that does not match the person we are looking at in the photo. You may be a little confused so let me explain. If your bio says “5 star chick” or “model” and we are looking at Flavor Flav’s identical twin, then you have broken the 4th Commandment, and you need a reality check.


5. Do NOT, I repeat do NOT go searching for love on these social network sites. Yes, some people get lucky, but I think that if you are truly looking for love the first place you should check is the church.

6.DO use social media networks to connect with long lost friends and/or keep in touch with acquaintances that you aren’t cool enough with to text.


7.DO take full advantage of all the resources available to you. For example, there are companies that will pay you to help advertise their company on Facebook and Twitter. It’s cheaper for them to pay you than to buy a commercial slot, or billboard. The site is called “My Likes” and here is where you can sign up– (Don’t say I never told you anything)

8.DO use these sites to Network. Now there is a big difference between networking and being a groupie. If you are networking with people that means you have something to offer them and vise versa.


9.DO use these sites as a source of entertainment. There are a lot of funny people in the world, and there are also a lot of people that aren’t funny, but try to be and you can laugh at them for sounding dumb.

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