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Leaving the pattern of descriptions to the unknown, offering more than a textbook response due to personal development outside of staged approaches or the spotlight with courage I present a different view! Pushing pass the judgment of the labels, standing in the shadows against the man that I personally call the Hybrid Man of Determination that towers over my small frame with an excellent stance. I call Bryant a “Hybrid” because he is not simply an athlete! The definition of a hybrid is a combination of two or more different things that aim at achieving a particular goal with an objective! This is personal with reason & importance for understanding which is why I write about Bryant McKinnie!


Against, the scandals in the shadows of the darkness that the media presents is a man that is filled with laughter, jokes, smiles & conversation of intellect! Bryant is a son, a friend, a mentor & a generous man but because of his personal life people form an opinion or highlight the negative. He enjoys his celebrity & not because he is a celebrity but because he is able to provide for those that support him, love him, work with him (not for him), & the most important figure in his life, his beautiful Mother!

I met Bryant through my cousins Venus & Serena Williams a few months ago! I will never forget the first time that Bryant stood; I was like “Wooooooooow!” I immediately turned to Serena & stated, “Dude, is huge compared to me” & of course she laughed! We enjoyed a wonderful dinner & a great night in Miami! The second thing that struck me was Bryant’s smile & laughter… He has a unique form of laughing. At first, I assumed that he was joking with his laugh but as I hung out with him more, I found out that everything from his height, his laughter, his smile, & his giving is from his heart.


Before, his departure to London I was allowed to fly to Florida to shadow him for a writing assignment. I was amazed at the amount of people in his home, his humble spirit, & his ability to keep his calm when he was tired but not once did he ask anyone to leave. He opens his home as he does his heart. So, I questioned the stuff that I read online while remembering that my cousins (Venus & Serena) are subject to the harsh statements of the media!

I thank Byrant for the opportunity as well as his Mother for greeting me with open arms & not simply because I am related to Venus & Serena! He didn’t bombard me with questions about my cousins but instead he displayed a genuine interest in RRA the writer which is rare. I honor Bryant for his ability to look pass the media outlets that seek to destroy him due to his success as a Professional “BLACK” Ahtlete! I ask that before people label him as just another athlete with a skill to take a deeper look into his “REFLECTION” because an image does not represent the man that RRA calls, Bmac the Hybrid Man!

-IamRRA | follow me @iamrra

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