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<p>Weezy is getting ready to debut his first ever rock album, Rebirth. Although the rapper is best known for dropping ‘hot’ verses on hip-hop albums, like Tha Carter III and brilliant wordplay on his underground mixtapes, Lil Wayne is hitting a new lane with the Rebirth. The official single from the album is titled "On Fire" and is very&nbsp;reminiscent to the 1980’s gangster flick, "Scarface". Lil Wayne also ‘goes in’ on the electric guitar.</p><p>Hip Hop fans and Weezy stans may remember Lil Wayne’s obsession with things that are fire from early in his career. A once baggy jean, less tatted-up and Timberland boot wearing Weezy hit the scene with his lead single "Fireman" from his Tha Carter II release. And who could ever forget Wayne’s solo debut, Tha Block is Hot?</p>