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Yes I cannot lie, I’m one of the MANY female fans that Mr. Tremaine Neverson aka Trey Songz has. I’ve been following Trey’s career since his first album I Gotta Make It. So its amazing to see the growth from then until now. 


Trey Songz: I Gotta Make It

Trey Songz: Trey Day

From I Gotta Make It to Trey Day, his current album Ready has launched his career into new heights. Trey brought out his inner sex appeal with the Ready album that has now expanded his fan base. Not to mention him cutting off his signature braids. 

This album has opened more doors for him then ever before, with the new documentary series on BET Trey Songz: My Moment, to endorsement deals with RocaWear, and magazine covers. 

Trey Songz: Ready

Could this be the chance for Trey Songz to take over the crown that the likes of R. Kelly and Usher have once worn? With all due respect no one can replace R. Kelly or Usher in the R&B community. They opened doors for the likes of Trey Songz, but is it time to hand the torch?

I believe that with a little more work Trey has the talent, ability, sex appeal, and growing fan base to achieve this goal. I must admit I love the fact whenever I watch Trey Songz perform he can actually sing live, which is rare and far between now a days.

With the September 14th release date for Trey Songz album Passion, Pain and Pleasure I can’t wait to see what else is in store for him. This might just be the album to launch him into superstardom and possibly take the R&B King crown. I will sure be copping that album on September 14th. #TeamSongz Yuuup! =)


Trey Songz: Passion, Pain & Pleasure