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I get asked everyday “Free where’s the album? Free do you still rap and sing? Free what happened to music”? Well here’s my answer.  I grew up in dancing school, singing groups and performing in plays. When my dance troupe did Diana Ross’s “I’m coming out “ I was Diana, when we performed The Nutcracker I was Clara.  I’ve always been an entertainer.  

Musically I’ve been in singing groups since 15 and did my first Soundtrack with Queen Latifah on The Associates movie. I wrote on  Raven Symone’ s first  album and have been in the background of this music business ever since. Yes I‘ve had 3 record deals (one too wack to mention): Wyclef Jeans Refugee label, and then I was directly signed to the GREAT Sylvia Rhone (she allowed me to explore my voice and i love her for that). And then one day I was asked to audition for 106 & Park. I was so focused on being a great interviewer, that tv ended up becoming my focus.  But in no way have I ever stopped loving and writing music.


Sitting on that couch and interviewing all the greats that I did, taught me something. You can’t half ass anything, these artist give you their all.  Secondly, believe it or not I can speak to millions but I’m shy when it comes to singing in front of an audience, because what I sing and rap about comes from my heart.  Exposing your vulnerabilities is no joke. But guess what? ..I’m no joke either, blessed to have multiple talents and focused on sharing and using them with the world. So no, I haven’t stopped doing music but I don’t want to do the music “the industry” dictates. I want to do me. That’s why it’s called ‘FreeThaHardway.’ I’m hardheaded and can’t help but go against the grain. It’s the rebel in me. Shout to the producers who believe in me Karma/SoulDiggaz/NBB and others who have been pushing me to do this forever. I finally get it. SHARE!

So I’m about to share some of me with you all.  ‘Allow me to re-introduce myself my name is FREE!!!!!!’  Four songs, one featuring Philly’s finest Freeway. I hope you enjoy them,  download it right here:  looking forward to your feedback smooches!


Love, Freezy

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