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There is no better way to jump start a morning than with a basketball game with NBA superstars.Who wouldn’t want to run drills and scrimmages with Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Paul, while Michael Jordan watches from the sideline and MC Lyte working the turntables. 

All four of these athletic superstars showed up at the famed Rucker park in Harlem, NY, thanks to the World Basketball Festival’s Jordan Brand Breakfast Club Finale. 

Harlem locals got a chance to watch a few of the neighborhood kids run some drills with these basketball legends. Some lucky students who are memebers of the Harlem YMCA and Boys and Girls Club were chosen to participate in the event where they received not only real NBA training by famed athletic trainer Idan Ravin and Daryl ‘D.Train’ Smith but also got some game time with the basketball stars.


The surprise guest appearance by Michael Jordan was a real treat from the crowd who cheered for the basketball great from the stands. Jordan created the event for young athletes with his sports trainer in 1980.

The crowd couldn’t help but watch with adoration as Michael Jordan, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwayne Wade  lamented on their love for the game and how they wished someone would have done something similar for them when they were that age.

Check out some of the pics from a morning filled with tons of basketball fun and good spirits.




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