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Have we reached the boiling point with Islamaphobia or is this just the beginning? Ahmed Sharif was stabbed and slashed because he was a Muslim, I often think that people are better than that but I guess not.  

This is something that has been boiling under the surface for some time now and the proposed Islamic Community Center being built 2 blocks away from “Ground Zero” is the catalyst that is starting this ugly battle of rhetoric. The ugly words that are being spewed does not help it only hurts and Ahmed Sharif was the first victim to feel the angry of Americans who don’t want the community center in New York City. Most think this proposed Community center is a New York City issue but in the recent months it has become national news.


 Now that an Islamic community center is being built blocks away from Ground Zero, other centers around the country are feeling the ugliness we in New York are seeing.  At a Islamic center in Madera, County, California bricks have been thrown through the windows and anti-Islamic hate signs have been hung outside the doors.  


A church in Gainesville, Fla is planning to burn numerous copies of the Quran on September 11. Did we fall asleep and wake up in 1930’s Germany? What is going on here? Not to single out the South, but are we surprised that a southern church is doing this?

Leaders of the Dove World Outreach Center say ‘Islam is of the Devil’ and plan to burn copies of the Islamic holy book on the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. They list on their site the 10 reasons to burn the Quran, including ‘Islamic Law is totalitarian in nature,’ Islamic teaching contains ‘irrational fear and loathing of the West’ and that the Quran teaches that Jesus ‘was NOT the Son of God.’ 

And in Murfreesboro, TN a 52,000 sq ft mega Mosque is in construction and the people in that community are not happy, hate signs and vandalism are showing up on the construction site.


It seems that if you are a Muslim living in the United States your second amendment right to have freedom of religion goes out the window. It is a sad state of affairs and we shouldn’t be treating our fellow citizens like this, we are not a Christian nation or a Muslim nation and if we are a Christian nation treating people like this isn’t very Christian.