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I got drunk with Robbie from City High and I learned a lot. My good friend starred in a musical Robbie composed and after the play we all went backstage and celebrated a great show. After we cleared out of the Atlanta Civic Center the entire cast and myself went back to their hotel room and all we did was sit around outside and drink until the sun came up. Cast members hooked up, and they shared stories from the road, life and groupie tales. I sat there drinking and listening to it all like a fly on the wall.

I noticed how everyone had reached their limit, but Robbie kept drinking, and he kept talking. Eventually he started talking about his City High days and Claudette Ortiz.

He explained to us the night where his life changed. His story was filled with bitterness and a whole lot of pain. He told us how things started to go wrong between the two of them. He was stressed and sweating and continued to sip on his drink after every sentence. He told tales of how he tried to love her and be the man for love of his life. Not knowing where to turn to fix his relationship he decided to call up Claudette only to be turned down because she didn’t feel like talking. I listened in amazement. 

Robbie continued explaining how he called his best friend Ryan to get some sort of answer as to how he could improve his relationship with Claudette. Ryan claimed to be sleep and advised Robbie to talk to him in the morning, but having just hung up with Claudette, Robbie heard something. 

Robbie noticed the background noise was the same. Robbie hung up and headed to Ryan’s room and knocked on the door. Ryan came to the door shirtless not wanting to open the door all the way. Robbie heard or saw something in the background then kicked down the door and bust into the room to find his then girlfriend and his then best friend and group members in bed. 

Robbie also told stories of how Claudette would try to get back with him, and how she claimed to still love him, but the marriage of the two really hurt him bad. 

I walked away from that evening learning a lot. Most importantly that cheating hurts and hindsight is 20/20 for real. I truly hopes Robbie can get his life back on track, if not for himself but at least for his daughter Lyric. 

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