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Here are my favorite “after-sex” moments and the power of a sandwich. 

SO…on twitter I asked the question “what’s the sexiest thing your partner has ever done to or for you after sex?’  The answers were funny. I promised not to blow up my followers by posting their names, so I won’t, but I got some great answers.

The ladies replied with things like:

“He got off of me and left me … it was hot!” 

 “We went at it again.”

“He rubbed my hair until I fell asleep.”

“He brought me breakfast in bed and started washing clothes.”

“He left, it wasn’t good anyway.” (Whoa! Lol.)

“He pillow talked me and told me all his business.”

“He got his 2 baby momma having ass up out my house, I didn’t want his 3rd baby… just his lovin.” (Bwahahaha.)

“I got in the shower and he washed me head to toe.  While I was all soapy, he proposed so we went at it again.” (Nice.) 



The fellas replied with things like:

“She gently cleaned me and went in the other room.”

“She gave me a back massage.”

“She took a shower, came out and danced for me…then we went at it again.”

“This one girl did things with her tongue I can’t even explain.” (Okkkk.)

All that was nice, but can you guess what the number one response from the fellas was? Do you know what the fellas really want after the do is done?

A sandwich!!

Yes Ladies…that was my number one answer from men.  Seems that’s all they want is a sandwich.  After that, they are good.  Is this accurate?

What’s the best thing your partner ever did…GG’ers c’mon share with me. 



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