I’m officially blogging!!! And I’m so excited about it… I’ve wanted to blog for a while and while talking to Russel Simmons at his Art for life event in the hamptons he suggested I should get on Global Grind! And… HERE I AM! Ha 🙂 So what am I gonna blog about??? Well everything and anything I want to! Lol. There is so much going on in my life… I’m living back in NYC (and couldn’t be happier to be surrounded by fam and childhood friends!), I’m single, I’m  hosting the afternoons on MTV’s Sunblock! I’m working on my solo album on Island Def Jam Records and my single is dropping in September! Its called SUPER BAD!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 We’re looking at different video directors and starting dance rehearsals… So exciting! And I’m shooting a pilot for my mtv reality show about me and mi familia. I think that sums it up! And all I can say is that I feel so blessed to be doing what I love and to have my fans support me. That’s really why I wanted to blog. I think it will allow me to let you guys into my life… Things I think about (I’m always thinking about something crazy ha), my views and opinions on things, updates… All that! And a chance for me to hear from ALL OF YOU and get your opinions on things!?I love you! And yay welcome to my Global Grind Blog… Ha!??

So! I’m in Miami right now and earlier I was chillin on the beach and my best friend/assistant Ashley found this quote on the internet and thought I should read it. She said ‘I have something perfect for you!’ Ha And here it goes…?’Love knows when to put pride to the side, because the greatest thing one can be proud of is the love that is shared.’?

And it was perfect for me in so many ways! So I posted it on twitter and everyone has been re-tweeting it. Clearly it was perfect for some other folk too! Well what does it mean to you??? I think it could mean a lot of things…??For me… I’ve got a lot of pride when it comes to guys and its hard for me to let my guard down. Even if I REALLY like the guy. Ha. Butttt what happens when you meet someone who is also prideful?! Someones gotta put their pride aside or you won’t move forward… Someones gotta let there guard down. Scary… But so real, so true.

So I’m working on not being ‘Prideful Paula’. Sometimes its ok to wear your heart on your sleeve. Sometimes Its ok to not be ‘too cool’. Well,  I’m willing to take a chance… Are you???



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