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Hey everyone, instead of giving you a new remix or mashup today, I am going to ask you a question. If you had the choice of listening to an original of a song or the remix, which would you choose? Most of you would say the remix because you would think that it sounds better, and sometimes it does. But why do we automatically think this?

I think so because we think that a remix is exclusive and only for us. An original of a song can be downloaded on Itunes and many other websites. When a remix comes out, it is only on one or two websites and we think that we are the first ones to hear it. Also, when you regularly check these remix websites, you think that everything on it has to be better than anything you’ve ever heard before. We shouldn’t always think this and it is not always true that the remix is better than the original.

Now I am going to give you some examples of the original version of a song and then the remix of it. Then I am going to say which song is better out of the two. I also want to hear your opinions, so hit me up with your decisions.



Here is the original version of Usher‘s popular single OMG. It was a hit for a while right after it was released, but lets see what you think.

Now listen to a remix of this song by the dudes over at Vindata. See if you think it is better than the original.

My opinion is that the remix is slightly better because it basically just enhances the song, it doesn’t ruin it or change it completely. Some people might not

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