The Daily Grind Video

There are four ladies on the show, ‘LET’S TALK ABOUT PEP’, and of that four only two of us have not yet been married!  I say not yet, as opposed to NEVER, because I am definitely not ruling out the possibility.  You see, being a spiritual person; I sincerely believe that GOD knows my heart’s desires even when I don’t receive them.  Timing, environment, lack of self love….anyone of these could be GOD’S rationale, and maybe none of them.  It’s not as if he owes me any explanations, and I aint in the habit of throwing pity parties in reference to this plight.

I would much rather believe that my husband is out there, somewhere creating our empire with flair and class and a big fat smile on his face while doing it because he loves how he makes it do what it do when he does it…baby!  I believe he loves the LORD, and better yet, he knows that the LORD loves him, so he is not deterred or hindered by his non-existent wife.  Why would he be?  Faith is his constant motivator.  I believe he gives time to some organization somewhere at some point. He loves his mama, and he celebrates women. He makes those around him laugh out loud and he will know how to make me feel like a Queen while reminding me on occasion that he is the King, and I need to play my position. Oh yeah, and lest I forget, he is fiiiiiine as hell, at least 6’ 1”, works out, and looks like he has been dipped in chocolate.  HA!

Clearly, I have had quite a bit of time on my hands these days to come up with the elaborate details of my husband to be, but in my own defense, I am 30 plus, and I am also one fourth of this show, where my job is to literally “get my date on.” Honestly ladies it doesn’t get much better than this!  I don’t meet these men through a casting call, or an audition.  In an attempt to keep this new