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Hi it’s Oran Juice Jones,

The true beauty lies within its simplicity. At this point of my journey I realize this to be absolutely true. I have learned that with all of the ups and downs. Life, even at its worst is a celebration.

I rejoice in the struggle; it is the opportunity presenting itself for my philosophy to manifest, my spirit to soar and my nature, what I am truly made of to emerge.

It is the struggle that defines me as a father and empowers me as a man. I am certain that no matter where I am at, I will never forget where I came from or never lose my enthusiasm for where I’m going. My glass is never half empty, it is always half full.

There are many times the spirit falters and the soul may stumble. It is at this point we must pray for buoyancy and make the effort to become greater than our station.

God has bestowed upon me the blessing of a family, and the understanding that the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few, the two, or the one.

As men we must take it upon ourselves to raise our standard. In our speech, in our attitude, and in our tolerance. That child may not be our child biologically, but it’s somebody’s child.


That young girl might not be our daughter, our niece, our sister biologically, but nothing happens by chance, and if God has placed that individual in our path, should we not give them the benefit of our presence? The best we have to offer by way of insight guidance and instruction?

Young men pull your pants up and strive not to be good, but to be great. In life the perception is the reality and your attitude reflects leadership. Young lady put some clothes on, set a standard for yourself, and recognize that a woman’s glory is her virtue.

At every opportunity we must take a child by the hand, and by any means necessary empower them to realize their full potential. It’s no longer about just black or white or other.

We are rapidly becoming a multicultural society which suggests that we may lose our individuality. It is probable that within this loss we will become one.

One people, one hope, one dream, one focus. Let us walk together on our way to forever.

Thank you,

-OranJuiceJones|Follow Me@oranjuicejones7

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