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OK who remembers the days when marriages were long lasting, loving and faithful? …No one? That’s what I thought. It seems these days marriages-well, relationships in general, don’t last for the long haul anymore. This goes for all relationships, famous or a regular everyday person. I am a firm believer in being faithful with the person you are committed to because isn’t that the point of a relationship?

I know everyone is human, they make mistakes and have needs, but I think cheating on someone is one of the worst, not to mention DISGUSTING things you could do to someone that you supposedly “love and care” about. Yep, that’s how I like to show people I care about them, by sleeping with some douche bag and then lying about it until I get caught. Yeah and you better face it- If you’re going to cheat in today’s society you WILL get caught with all the technology, not to mention fame hungry people.

Do people in the spotlight think that when they find someone to cheat with that these people really won’t switch from “don’t worry baby I’ll never tell what we do…” until it hits the media then it’s “How much am I gonna get for telling everyone what really happened?” People are trifling, I mean they slept with you knowing you were in a relationship… did you really think they would keep their word? Idiots!


People that cheat are ruining relationships for people that like to be faithful. The worst is when you are a loyal person but the one you’re with questions you because of the past. I understand that you’ve been hurt in the past but not everyone is that slut that did you wrong. It takes a lot of trust away from a person once you get cheated on, but you need to leave things in the past and build up your new relationship. Don’t accuse your new boo of cheating just because you’re hurt from the past. If they tell you they are yours, believe them until they prove you wrong. It hurts just as much to be blamed for something when it isn’t even happening.

When someone cheats they are only thinking about themselves and getting what they want. Look at what it does to the other person when it gets out- it blows up really quick and they have to take the defense and either make a stance or go into hiding.

One more thing that annoys me, is sex rehab. Really? You are just covering your ass, lets be real here. You got caught with your hand in the cookie jar, well something like that, and now you are trying to save yourself with an excuse because that’s all this sex rehab is for those people…a damn EXCUSE!

Honestly to every person their own, but this is one thing I can not get past. No matter how you try to spell it out or put it, there is no way I can be convinced that cheating is okay. If you feel you need to sleep with five other girls, fine but if you want to do that, do that on your own time. Don’t waste the other person time while you are out slippin it in anyone that’s willing to spread em. There is nothing wrong with sleeping around if that’s what you’re into, but if you are in a relationship end it first just man up and do it please! I would respect the person so much more if they had the balls to end the relationship before the moved on to the next then having their cake and eating it too. And I’m not just talking about the dudes, bitches get freaky too, either way no bueno.

-Vicky Mi