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There’s no denying the cult following Nicki Minaj has attained through her mixtapes, shows, and infallible Young Money affiliation. While her swag is mean, and her sex appeal is crazy… her style game could use a bit of work (C’MON SON! You be wearing 2 bras)!



Exposed bra’s, massive cleavage exposure, paint splattered denim, and I swear she has every legging ever made! I don’t recall seeing her in anything other than leggings since she took the above picture (with the denim jeans on). But the straw that broke the camel’s back was her BET Hip-Hop Awards 2009 look. The shiny pleather jacket, hole-y leggings with a camel toe cameo, and some Louis Vuitton boots with the cone heel straight off the Fall 2009 runway. The boots passed, but the rest of the look…#fail! [Please keep in mind, I do love me some Nicki! K, Barbs?]

I am a person of solutions, so I decided to give her a much needed make over. I definitely don’t want to take away her sexy, it’s apart of her image and she does have a really nice body. The overall look I was going for with her was something feminine, flirty, but still sexy.



For the first look, I chose all black but spruced it up with the cut-out blazer and leather inset leggings. This Alexander Wang blazer has a really low V-cut in the front, and exposed diamond cut back. With the V-cut being that low, of course her cleavage will be out; however, there will be no exposed bra here, since there will be no bra worn with this blazer! The Helmut Lang leggings will hug her hips and derriere, and will add even more sexy to the look since blazers are typically something formal. As for these YSL criss-cross sandals with the skinny heel, they’re self explanatory. I figured, there is no reason her shoe game shouldn’t be mean freak nasty! Mean is an understatement, her show game should just straight annihilate any chick standing in a 20 foot radius! This look could be for a casual red carpet event, or a celebrity birthday bash.



My fave look of them all! Like I said, she has a nice body and that is not something we want to deprive all the Ken’s (and Barbie’s) from. With these Aminaka Wilmont pants, the top part of the pants will hug her hip and butt area, but the twisted ruched bottom area adds dimension to the look. Keep the focus on your ass-ets, don’t hide them! But where’s the structure? What I wanted to do was keep her true to her style (the fitted, tight, leggings look) but still add some versatility and flavor to it. Your look shouldn’t be so predictable where the people know what to expect every time. If she’s going to go for the leggings, fine– just add some ruche, leather insets, patchworks, ribbed knees, etc. to it. These pants are classy but still sexy and feminine and going for a plain tank will help to keep the attention to detail on the pants (you never want to do too much at once)–however, I would spice up the tank with this Missoni layered necklace (or she can just rock her signature Barbie chain). As for these Christian Louboutin’s, I die! Pairing these pumps with the pants is just insane! Like I said, keep an eye on the shoe game! That’s where you will win. This look could definitely rock out at a show!




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