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There is something to be said when you hit a million before you reach the age of thirty it’s a goal that many young people try to attain, it’s a goal that even today’s richest didn’t even achieve. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs set the wheels in motion for these young money millionaires.

Mark Zuckerberg, Kevin Rose, and Stacey Bendet are just a few that took an idea and turned it into a multimillion dollar enterprise. These are the names you should know, read their stories and maybe you can reach millionaire status before the age of thirty.

Take a look as we bring you the real young money millionaires.

Mark Zuckerberg, 26

Co-creator of Facebook which will bring in an estimated $710 million to $1 billion in revenue. Zuckerberg’s on paper worth is about $4 Billion.


Kevin Rose, 33

Creator of, a content-sharing website that shares everything from photos,videos and articles they have an estimated revenue of $31 million.


Stacey Bendet, 32

Founder of alice + olivia, a very lucrative women’s clothing line, it’s estimated is revenue stream is $50 million a year.


Dennis Crowley, 33, and Naveen Selvadurai, 28

Founders of the new virtual world phenomenon Foursquare, you can be the queen or king anywhere you are in this virtual world. Its estimated value is around $80 Million.


Aaron Patzer, 30


Andrew Mason,29

Founder of, need a coupon in a hurry? This is the site you go to, they will reach an estimated $350 million in 2010 and it’s worth about $1.2 billion.


David Chang, 32

Creator of the Momofuku noodle bar in New York City, which now has many mini empire’s of Momofuku restaurants across the New York City.


Chad Hurley, 34; Steve Chen, 32; Jawed Karim, 31

These 3 dudes pretty much changed the landscape on how we look at video’s on the Internet. These three gentelmen are the creators