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Whuddup?!?  it’s  yo Uncle Snoop and I jus wanna say thanks for all tha support for Snoop Bowl VIII.   This is gonna be tha biggest Snoop Bowl ever and I’m happy to be doin it in Miami.   Shout out tha homeys – Deion Sanders, Terrell Owens, Ronnie Brown, and everyone else that is helping to make this happen.   This is a preview for tha showdown in Dallas next year – my allstar team versus Deion Sanders All Star Team.   Snoop Bowl is my favorite day of the year.  We been doin it bigg in Detroit, Tampa, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Miami, throughout tha past 7 years.   We have had everyone from Mike Alstott to Matt Leinart to Deion Sanders coaching on opposite teams and it seems to be generating a bigger buzz each year.   This  year is no different – 4 teams, 2 games, DJ Khaled as a guest DJ, Flo Rida with a half time show, marching bands, tha whole 9 – ya dig?!? we goin for tha endzone this year and we ain’t gonna stop.  

California all star football versus Florida all star football.  Every state wanna claim that they tha best – from Cali to Texas to Florida.   Well guess what?!?  We damn sure gonna find out this year who is tha best and who has bragging rights……that is til next year comes around.   Imma be in town Thursday night, come join me Saturday for tha bigg game.   And if you from tha media,…….Friday at 3pm – make sure and be at Boomers for tha press conference.  

Shout out to my family at Global Grind.  They been bigg fans of Snoop Dogg and Snoop Youth Football League for a minute now and it is very exciting to bring them on as an online partner.   Something this beautiful can’t be stopped – it’s only gonna get bigger and better and more smiles on kids faces, ya dig?!?   chuuuuch!!!!


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