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Fruitvale Station, the highly anticipated film following the story of Oscar Grant, is almost here and GlobalGrind got a chance to talk to Octavia Spencer to get more deets on the upcoming film.

So how does director Ryan Coogler get a big timer like actress Octavia Spencer in his film?

“It was an interesting take on this…,” Octavia reveals. “What a positive way to tell the story, because he didn’t come from a place of anger.”

Octavia got deep when speaking about her role as Grant’s mother. She revealed her preparation for her character, and the mental place she had to get to, to make it genuine. 

“I’m not a mom, so I can’t have any real knowledge. But I am an aunt, and I’m very close to my nephews. I had to substitute one of them for Oscar, which was devastating; the thought of not having them in my life.”

Fruitvale Station hits theaters July 12th. Check out our exclusive interview below. 

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