Coogler and Jordan's friendship is nothing short of inspiring. Head inside.

Watch the official trailer for upcoming film Judas and The Black Messiah starring LaKeith Stanfield, which is set to hit theaters Feb. 12 and HBO Max 31 days after its' theatrical release.

Whew, man it is hot in here! Brace yourself for a boatload of sexy; we’re about to break it down and big up award-winning 27-year-old actor, Michael B. Jordan. Michael has been one of our favorites ever since we spotted him on The Wire back in 2002, and he’s continued to set hearts ablaze with recent appearances […]

This blog is based on a true story – just like a lot of movies coming out of Hollywood this year. With Fruitvale Station, The Butler, Lovelace, and action movies like Pain & Gain and Gangster Squad, fact is certainly stranger than fiction. So when a free black man agrees to join a group of traveling […]

It’s almost here.  The highly anticipated film Fruitvale Station is playing in select cities and opens everywhere on Friday, July 26th, and we have even more to entice filmgoers. The latest infographic for Ryan Coogler’s film displays images of the late Oscar Grant.  Oscar Grant was a young man who was murdered on New Year’s […]

Fruitvale Station is in theaters now and it’s quickly generating a lot of Oscar buzz. Star Melanie Diaz sat down with GlobalGrind to chat about how excited she was to be apart of the film. She also opened up about her on screen relationship with Michael B Jordan:  “I’m not afraid of him and he’s not afraid […]

Sitting in the Angelika Theatre in downtown New York City on Friday night, waiting for Fruitvale Station to start, I did not know what I was in for. The movie is about the death of Oscar Grant on New Year’s Day, 2009 in Oakland, California. Grant, an unarmed 22-year-old African-American man, was with friends and […]

With Fruitvale Station gearing up to be the most important film of the year, we’re willing to bet you didn’t think it was written and directed by a 27-year-old or that it was his first feature film. He’s pretty shocked as well! Ryan Coogler was just finishing up his graduate degree at USC when the […]

Fruitvale Station, the highly anticipated film following the story of Oscar Grant, is almost here and GlobalGrind got a chance to talk to Octavia Spencer to get more deets on the upcoming film. So how does director Ryan Coogler get a big timer like actress Octavia Spencer in his film? “It was an interesting take on this…,” Octavia reveals. “What […]