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A strong earthquake hit a rural northwest region of China this morning, killing 75 people and injuring hundreds.

Though the Chinese Red Cross has sent supplies and help, their efforts could be futile if the earthquake is followed by heavy rains, which is likely. The severe weather could result in landslides or building collapses. 

The most intense quake was at a magnitude of 6.6. In the Meichuan township, many casualties have been reported. One villager recounts his experience:

“Suddenly the house was shaking violently, and several cracks appeared in the wall…This is a tile-roofed, one-story house, and all the tiles were falling down. My daughter cried loudly, I quickly picked her up, and went out. My hair was still wet. Luckily my wife and father escaped too.”

This area of China often sees extreme weather and earthquakes, a problem for such a poor agricultural region. In past years, the death of children has prompted investigation and outrage into the sturdiness of school structures. Some parents have been imprisoned for speaking out and harassing the government to apologize.

Our thoughts and prayers are with China at this time.