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It turns out that Justin Bieber doesn’t just take a leak and throw up in socially unacceptable areas…he also spits!

The 19-year-old singer, and now rebel, was photographed sharing his saliva with fans in Toronto as he bent over a hotel balcony banister with his Beliebers standing directly under him.

Could it have been a stan request? We seriously doubt it. 

Despite the approval and laughter from his friends, we can’t help but wonder: When did Justin decide he should start sharing his insides with the world?

We can’t actually see him spit on anyone, so for now, we’re going to give Biebz the benefit of the doubt and say he didn’t.

However, you better trust and believe his fans wasted no time responding to it!

You can see Justin and all his spit glory by clicking here. & Check out what some of his very own fans had to say below!

SOURCE: TMZ/RadarOnline || Photo Credit: Instagram