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After Thursday evening, everyone can agree this father is a hero.

The devoted Chicago father who was shot six times by two young men has survived, and is being treated in Mt. Sinai Hospital. After shielding his daughter from the fire, he has wounds on his back, legs, and neck.

The 29-year-old victim was leaving his mother’s house with his wife and was putting his toddler into her car seat when he was approached by two minors. 

19-year old Esteban ‘Sniper’ Sotelo (pictured above) and a 14-year-old went up to the car and said “what’s up?” to the dad before opening fire. The shooting was supposedly part of a gang initiation process for the 14-year-old.

The teenagers are members of the Latin Kings gang, and mistakenly thought the victim was part of Satan’s Disciples, a rival gang.

Sotelo is no stranger to the Chicago police and was on probation for a felony conviction related to cocaine at the time of the shooting.

He has been identified as the gunman by multiple sources and is being held without bail.

SOURCE: DailyMail