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“We Can’t Stop” singer Miley Cyrus is fed up with the backlash about her race. I mean, really. Can’t the girl twerk in peace? Critics have accused of her of being a “ratchet white girl” because she likes to party, can shake it with the best of ’em and kicks it with a lot of rappers.

Miley fired back, saying that just because she’s grown up and shed her Disney persona doesn’t mean she’s ratchet – she’s just being Miley, y’all.

Ratchet or not, we love her and everything she does, so we’ve compiled a list of Miley’s best white girl moments for those of you that need proof. Trust us, there are way more than you think.

Check it out.

Let’s throw it back to where it all began. On November 23, 1992, Miley Cyrus was born Destiny Hope Ray. She was raised in Tennessee, rocked a purity ring and then landed a gig as a wholesome character on a Disney series. Major white girl moment.

Pretty much every moment of her life pre-2012 including, but not limited to, the release of this little ditty…

…and this one.

Let’s not forget the time she starred in The Last Song, a movie based on a Nicholas Sparks book. White girls love Nicholas Sparks.

Then it happened; her breakout moment – the bong hit seen ’round the world. Miley was officially bad-to-the-bone and lovin’ it!

…and so she made a drastic change – perhaps one of the ultimate white girl moments ever. Miley decided it was time to reinvent herself. She was no longer Hannah Montana. Miley lopped off her brown locks, opting instead for an edgy platinum pixie cut.

From that moment, it was on! Miley had begun the transformation to full-on ratchet. She twerked her way to the top and never looked back, but that didn’t stop the white girl moments from coming.

Miley may be a bad bitch, but she’s got a real soft spot for her four legged fur babies.

…and isn’t afraid to show them love all over Twitter…

…and Instagram…

…Seriously. She loves dogs.

Miley’s known to treat each day like a fashion show, and you better believe she’s all over Instagram (and Twitter) straight flexin’…

…but when the day is over, she loves to cool out in a onesie…

…no matter where she is…

…so. many. onesies.

When she’s not twerking or working, Miley likes to treat herself and indulge in the cheat-day food of white girls everywhere. You guessed it: FroYo!

And then she outdid herself and wrote the rebellious white girl party anthem, “We Can’t Stop.”

Hate on her all you want, Miley’s doing something right. She’s got a dope fan base and her song has been at number one on the charts more times than we can count.

Twerk on, Miley!

Photo credit: Twitter, Instagram.