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Damn! Jimmy Kimmel got us all!

After I watched the Worst Twerk Fail Ever YouTube video, I was ready to give Miley Cyrus the twerk crown. I thought she introduced a generation of Disney Kids to twerking, but as it turns out, we just basically got rick roll’d by Jimmy Kimmel.

As you probably know by now, the late night talk show host staged the whole fire twerk video. Good one!

But this isn’t the first time the world has been pranked by a viral video. In fact, there have been a whole lot of staged videos that left us wondering…

Check out some of the most popular staged viral videos ever uploaded to the internet.

Monkey Guns: Remember this video of an ape with an AK-47? We all thought it was real, turns out it was a viral video for Planet of The Apes.

The 100-Yard Football Throw: This feat amazed people when it was uploaded, but was quickly debunked as fake.

Eagle Picks up a Baby: This one made our hearts drop, but after some further digging, a film school in Canada admitted to staging the whole thing.

Scare Prank Gone Horribly Wrong: Rachel appears to lose her life at the end of this one, but a quick lesson in physics and you’ll have to admit – this one is fake.

Emotional Cat Lady: It might not have any death in it, but it’s as sad as the others. A lonely cat lady cries during her eHarmony video, but it turns out to be a nothing more than a promo stunt. eHarmony admitted it.

Shell PR Hoax: This video made it look like Shell had an oil spill when a drink fountain shaped like an oil rig went on the fritz as a spectator watched on… Turns out the whole thing was fake. Ah! They got us again.

As a bonus, we thought we would throw in this John Wall full court alley-oop to himself.